With your donation, we can create innovative solutions for the criminal justice system.

At the Center for Science and Law, we believe that our modern understanding of the brain can massively change how we run our criminal justice system. A better biological understanding of human behavior doesn’t let anyone off the hook for crime,  it opens the doors to meaningful rehabilitation, customized sentencing, and better incentive structures.

We have forged innovative collaborations in the criminal justice system, including probation departments, county jail reentry programs, addiction treatment centers, and programs for justice involved youth. We aim to export what we’ve learned to other major cities across the country, but we can’t afford to keep these projects running without you.

The Center for Science and Law is a 501(c)(3) organization (EIN 47-543832), and all donations to support our research are fully tax-deductible. Please consider us for your charitable contributions; any amount drives our work forward.

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We are proud to work with judges, academics, mental health experts, social workers, law enforcement agencies, and county prosecutors.


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